Unique and interesting room wall wallpaper inspiration


Nothing can color a bedroom like wallpaper. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that wallpaper is the best room decor element. This is due to the assumption circulating that wallpaper has an expensive price and its installation must be done by those who are experts. Apparently it was just an assumption.

Nowadays, wallpaper comes in a variety of styles in a fairly diverse range of costs. Some have high prices, some have affordable prices. In addition, now, some wallpapers have a feature that allows users to install them themselves without expert assistance. An example of this do-it-yourself wallpaper is a “peel-paste” wallpaper that is suitable for rented rooms. These wallpapers are easy to apply and remove.

Are you in need of fresh inspiration for your bedroom wallpaper? Here are some favorite wallpaper decoration ideas that are suitable for your room.

1. Wallpapers That Add Visual Depth

When you live in a very small room such as an apartment or boarding room, you need to maximize the area of the area. The solution that you can do in your small room is to add visual depth to the room through the presence of wallpaper like this. This wallpaper from LABSstudio is a peel-and-stick wallpaper that is easy to apply and remove. You can stick this wall decoration in one corner of the room as an accent.

2. Presenting Murals Through Wallpaper

This bohemian-inspired décor is the work of Eleven 11 Design in Dallas, Texas. This floral mural wallpaper paste gives color to the black room walls. Pairing botanical motifs with dark colors can create a rock ‘n’ roll impression in a room.

3. Fish Scales Patterns as Room Wall Wallpaper? Why not?

This one bedroom is the work of Black Lacquer Design, an interior firm in Los Angeles, California. This charming room is decorated with fish scale-patterned wallpaper in charming shades of peach and blue.

4. Presence of Textured Wallpaper in the Room

To add character to the bedroom, you can bring textured wallpaper. The inspiration for this textured wallpaper bedroom came from Laura Umansky Interior Design from Houston, Texas. This bedroom has a minimalist style with the presence of textured wallpaper in it. The color used in this room is bluish gray which can give a calming impression to the room. In addition, this wallpaper also has a smooth and soft texture surface.

5. Live a Glamorous Hollywood Impression

This one banana leaf wallpaper depicts Hollywood-style luxury. This wall decoration is in one of the apartments in New York City. The interior was designed by Homepolish Tiny Rich. The use of this wallpaper aims not only to build the impression of luxury but also to create good harmony in this small room.

6. Wallpaper to Cover Unusual Shaped Walls

If you have a bedroom with an unusual wall shape, you can cover it up by choosing this stylish wallpaper. The bedroom interior which is the work of CWB Architects from New York is pasted with wallpaper from Cole and Son. This pattern of wallpaper is known as “Woods” and is mostly used for covering walls and sloping ceilings.

7. Beautiful Room Wallpaper with Shibori Motif

This beautiful bedroom is the work of Amber Interiors based in Los Angeles, California. This resting area is intended for preteens. Even so, this pink wallpaper inspired by Shibori’s tie dye technique doesn’t look childish. Precisely this one wall decoration provides a beautiful background for a colorful concept bed with a lively cloth carpet. Shibori, which was originally only famous in the fashion world, has now penetrated the interior world.

8. Show Personal Impression on Room Wallpaper

If you are a person who loves colors, Bar fridges can add this personal impression to your bedroom wallpaper. This is because the bedroom is the perfect place for you to express your love for something. However, this need not be an exaggeration.

A personal impression of the room is shown by this room with interiors by Abaca Interiors from New York. The occupants are a fan of colors, so the wallpaper that is installed has this pattern to enliven the room, which is mostly white.

9. Make the Ceiling of Your Room Different
This children’s bedroom is the work of the House of Jade Interiors, Utah. They managed to decorate the ceiling of another room than usual by presenting wallpaper there. This wallpaper pattern called Ocean Flight is made by Willow Lane Textiles. There are various other adorable patterns that are also sold by this one wallpaper manufacturer.

10. Wallpapers with Wood Motifs You Can Try

The masculine side and rustic atmosphere are presented in this room without using real wood. This room was decorated by Autumn Clemons, a Utah-based interior designer. The ceiling of this room is covered with vinyl wallpaper produced by Sure Strip, with a faux wood pattern.

11. Unusual Patterns on Wallpaper

This one bedroom wallpaper has an unusual pattern in the form of a retro-style squirrel by Aimee Wilder, a graphic designer. This wall decoration is in a vintage-style bedroom by James Wagman Architect. The pattern on the wallpaper is harmonized with the furniture in this room.

12. Rustic Style Room with Zig-Zag Wallpaper

Those of you who want a rustic-style room can see the design inspiration presented directly by Locati Architects from Bozeman, Montana, below. This room features a mix of wood patterns and textures and is inspired by rural dwellings. The beauty of this room is supported by the presence of zigzag patterned wallpaper in brown and tan.

13. Bringing Pattern Wallpaper into the Room

Bringing wooden features into the room as decoration costs more. Even so, its durability is unquestionable. If you are experiencing cost constraints, wallpaper with the appearance of real wood can be a solution. In addition to being cheaper, this wallpaper also features a wood motif that looks like the original. This bedroom was designed by Metropole Architects.

14. Want a Hippie Style Room? This Butterfly Wallpaper is the Answer!

The beauty of wallpaper can instantly turn a “messy” room into a “personalized” paradise. An example is this hippie-style bedroom designed by French and French Interiors. This butterfly wallpaper is set in harmony with the bed and the colorful decorative accessories.

15. A comfortable room, as if in a cocoon phase

This children’s bedroom with an unusual shape is the work of Studio Bonbon from England. This resting area looks like a “cocoon” that is comfortable for children to rest. Although the area tends to be narrow, this wallpaper by Cole and Son with the name Woods & Stars manages to give a calming impression.

Those are the fifteen inspirational room wall wallpapers that you can choose. Each wallpaper has its own uniqueness. Make sure the wallpaper you choose is very self-described or in accordance with the atmosphere of the room you want to create. Happy creative!