This is an Elegant and Charming European Style House

In the midst of the increasing number of residences that carry the concept of minimalism, modern or contemporary, European-style houses apparently still have a special place in canninghill piers showflat directions, the hearts of many people.

The impression of elegance is one of the characteristics of this concept. But over time, European-style houses are also growing and even combined with other designs, such as modern and minimalist.

So, it is not impossible that the typical European style can be presented well at home in Indonesia. Try to be creative and create your own European style house that suits your taste.

European Style House Features

1. Sloping and High Roof

One of the most prominent characteristics of a European-style house is its sloping and high roof, in contrast to modern houses which tend to be flat and simple.

One of the functions of a high roof is to make the house feel cooler. High ceilings can also be a solution to create a healthy home because the air circulation is quite good.

With this type of roof, the appearance of the house will look more striking compared to other houses. The presence of a high roof in a European-style house is also often used as an attic for storage.

2. Big Window

In contrast to minimalist homes in general, European houses have large, striking windows.
Generally, European houses are quite grand and spacious, so windows of a similar size can balance the appearance of the dwelling as a whole.
You can also apply this one feature to give a classic impression on the dwelling. Large windows also make the house look more aesthetic.

3. Lots of Details

European houses also have a distinctive feature on the facade which has many details such as carvings.

Not infrequently also European-style houses use bricks or natural stone as the main material, as well as to enhance the appearance of the building.

As a tip, try playing with a variety of materials or colors. Then, create a house with a European concept that suits your taste.

4. Balcony and Pillar

If you want to give a more elegant and charming appearance, usually the presence of balconies and pillars is a must.

Pillars, for example, become one of the important elements that are often found on the facade of the house.

You don’t need to include too many pillars, you just need to build two in certain parts to make it look more majestic.

Likewise with balconies, you can build one to two balconies in an area that is fairly easy to see. The balcony will also give a classic and aesthetic impression to the dwelling.

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European Style Housing Recommendations

If building a European-style house seems difficult, here are some recommendations for housing with a similar concept that you can make as an option.

Dutch House, An Example of Ideal Residential That Is Even Considered Awful

Dutch residential houses in Indonesia are often considered as haunted and haunted ancient buildings. In fact, the Dutch house has many beautiful and artistic sides that are amazing.

Many Dutch houses in Indonesia were built with Art Deco architecture combined with a tropical style. Typical European architecture that was popular around the 1900s is combined with a tropical house style so that “meneers” can still feel cool while inside.

Many Dutch houses were built all over Indonesia, starting from Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Semarang and many more. Where there is a Dutch house, it means the residence of VOC officials and their important offices.

In Jakarta, many Dutch houses are found in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. Some have been converted into restaurants to cafes, such as Gandy Steak, Plataran, Kaum and Starbucks restaurants.

There are also many official houses and government offices around Menteng which are Dutch heritage houses, the official residence of the Governor of DKI Jakarta across from Suropati Park which is now occupied by Anies Baswedan.

Some of the Dutch heritage buildings – just like the buildings of the Japanese and Portuguese colonizers – are included in the list of Cultural Conservation.

Room division

When you enter a Dutch house whose exterior and interior are still preserved, you will immediately feel the good airflow.

Citing writings from the Indonesian Architecture website, the facade of a Dutch house is usually a rectangle, pentagon, or hexagon. The entrance can be built in the middle of the facade, it can also be on the right edge.

Another feature of this Dutch house design is that it usually has thick walls. In addition to high ceilings, this design also indirectly gives a cold impression when you enter it, even though the weather conditions are scorching hot outside.

The beauty of Schoonschip, a floating housing complex in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with low land, as much as 60 percent of this miserly country is located below sea level. Sea water and dams in this country are used to the fullest.

Not only as an energy generator, now housing and floating cities are also being developed. Have you ever imagined living on the water with a beautiful environment? If so, just look at a residential project called Schoonschip in the Netherlands.

Schoonschip is Amsterdam’s innovative circular residential neighborhood concept, a community-driven project that will become the prototype for a floating city. The masterplan was designed by the Dutch architectural firm, Space&Matter.

The project consists of 46 residences on 30 water plots connected by piers. Have a decentralized and sustainable energy, water and waste system. The last building was completed this year.