The Specimens of Ipe Wood


A question that often arises is the detail on Ipe wood. Most people want to know the particulars of Ipe wood. This article will discuss the specific details of Ipe wood. While there are a lot of specifics, it is important to remember that there are many more on Ipe wood than what has been mentioned here.

The particular of Ipe wood is known as osage. Osage is a word that simply means root. For example, when a tree is young it has root but once a tree matures then it stops growing. As a result, the root will fall off, which is what happens with the part of ipe wood decking. A part of Ipe wood can be shaped into any shape, but the root remains in its original shape.

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Another detail about Ipe wood is that it has a long dry root that is called cambium. This is the part of the tree that holds the cell walls together. This is the detail that most people know about Ipe wood, but the details are very interesting.

As the name of this part of Ipe wood indicates, the cambium is the largest part of the wood. It can extend from the end of the stem up to a hundred and fifty feet. This part of the wood is also the part that is responsible for the color of the wood. You will be able to find many different woods and colors. This is one of the main things that has led to the speculation of whether or not this type of wood is going to change.

While the specifics of Ipe wood are fascinating, the actual information about it was first researched in 1925 and based on research done by Edward Niles, the renowned botanist. In this study, Niles discovered that the cambium occurs on all types of Ipe wood, both young and old. Of course, you cannot conclude that the cambium itself has anything to do with the color of the wood, as it is said that the cambium changes with age. However, this part of the wood is a factor of its color.

One of the other particular details of Ipe wood is that it is extremely hard. This part of the wood is also used in the making of such objects as door handles, bird cages, and even gun safes. This part of the wood has a weakness that is not so effective against moisture. This weakness allows moisture to enter the wood and cause the wood to break down.

One last particular details of Ipe wood is that it has a very high resistance to fire. This is a great quality for those who make firewood into candle sticks. Additionally, it will resist decay, because it will resist decay of its outer structure, so that is another benefit.

This is just a brief overview of the peculiar detail of Ipe wood. There are a lot more details that you can learn about Ipe wood, if you search for them. There are books available that can provide you with the particulars on Ipe wood.