Fascinating Things To Do In Miami


With a reported population of 447,021 as of this year’s census, it is now the fourth-biggest city in the nation and the central core of the state’s ninth-biggest metropolitan area. The city has also been the site of many political and cultural events, including the Winter Olympics, the 1996 Summer Olympics, and the World Games. A key attraction to the city is its beautiful weather, which remains cold in the winter months but enjoys fantastic temperatures year-round. As such, Miami enjoys a population well below the national average, making it one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.A.

The Cuban and Caribbean cultures that have been present for years in Miami and its surrounding areas have earned Miami the reputation as being the center for Latin American culture in the United States. The University of Miami, located downtown, has a large student body from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, and other Latin American nations. Also, the late Dr. Muhammad Yunus, an educator, human rights activist, and UN World Peace Prize winner, lived and died in Miami. His influence on Miami and the neighboring gulf coast areas cannot be overlooked.

Miami’s downtown area is filled with high-rise condos and hotels, which offer families and young professionals an ideal way to live in style. The Biscayne Bay is Miami’s premier residential area and is home to some of its most well-known retailers and restaurants. Other notable neighborhoods include those along the South Beach boardwalk, downtown Miami and along I-mile road, and those in the southern part of Miami that sits south of downtown.

There are many unique shopping malls in Miami. One of them is the Bayside Marketplace located in downtown Miami. It is the mall that replaced the failed M& M’s store. Things to do in miami beach The Bayside Marketplace has everything a young professional would need in one place. It has Sesame Street, Xerox, AMC Theaters, and Sony. The mall has four restaurants, movie screens, and a Food Mart.

Another cool thing to do in Miami includes adventures in the jungle island. The city of Homestead is one of America’s first tropical retreats. In the 19th century, the community of Homestead was set up to provide a home for black slaves that were brought to Florida by the United States government. A lot of these slaves ended up becoming permanent residents of Miami. These included some of the most notable history residents like Leonidas da Vinci, Henry Ford, Sam Houston, and Morehouse’s brother.

Miami has been home to numerous notable figures. Among these notable people is former president George W. Bush, who lived in south beach. His family, the Bush family, had a home on the south beach as well. Also living in south beach at this time were the comedian and singer Elvis Presley. Some other notable residents of the south beach include the following: former governor of Florida, Jim Greener, Rene Cavazos, Tom Cruise, John Lennon, and Cuban exile, Fidel Castro.

At Biscayne Bay, you will find the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The museum is dedicated to teaching people about the Mississippi river. In addition to that, there is the Miami-Dade county’s first underwater zoo, the U.S. Air Force Museum, the David R. Knowles “Museum of Contemporary American Art,” Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit, and Bal Harbour Village.

If you want to see Miami’s culture and wildlife without heading out to the city, you should visit the Vizcaya Museum. Vizcaya Museum is dedicated to preserving the culture of Miami through exhibits and educational programs. One such exhibit is called the Miami Seaquarium.