Bruce Banner’s Strain Origin Story

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Bruce Banner is a character in the Marvel comic book series The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner was a scientist who created a serum that would make him smaller but at the same time he could still stand up to the Hulk.

In the comics Bruce Banner is Professor Charles Xavier’s grandson. His scientist father, Gordon was the leader of a project and his brother Eli was killed by The Hulk.

While in the laboratory, Bruce Banner made the wrong decision and experimented on himself, resulting in the creation of a strain of Gamma Radiation. Green Crack A small portion of this Gamma Radiation mutated into a being larger than normal with multiple super human abilities including superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to eat things. As it turned out, the mutation was all due to the science of Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner discovered his secret for himself when the Hulk attacked him. In the fight, the Hulk ate the top half of Bruce Banner and the gamma radiation on his body transformed into the creature he would become. When Banner later escaped from the lab, he found that the Hulk had taken the place of Eli. Bruce Banner was also able to have the chance to control his newfound powers and become the hero he wants to be known as The Incredible Hulk.

After the Hulk attack, Bruce Banner’s father committed suicide after knowing what had happened to his grandson. Afterward, Bruce was left to take care of his brother and became quite the frustrated man. However, after some time, a chance to rectify his mistakes occurred and he took it.

As the story goes, Bruce Banner has a chance to build up his broken family again, due to his wife’s death due to a car accident and he was going to marry Betty. However, he also realized that the Gamma Radiation wasnot his fault, since it was the work of his scientist father. This revelation caused him to build up his pride and try to prove that it was the only thing that was his fault.

Bruce Banner’s breakthrough came when he began to research on the gamma radiation and discovered a solution to destroy the Hulk completely. He came up with a gas called “Protol”.

This Protol proved to be effective and the Hulk was removed from the house completely, leaving only Bruce Banner’s picture in the frame. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Hulk continued to wreak havoc and destroyed a little girl’s house.